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Happy Birthday to the Queen @Beyonce We love you like no other x
If we beat Costa Rica i want a kiss,obviously on the cheek, from the UK Queen.
An absolute honour to meet the Queen today. Privileged to share the room with such inspirational @QueensLeaders and hear their stories 🙏🏼
I want to thank the @Eagles for inviting me and my pop, who turns 78 this year, to that AMAZING game last night. (Some Queen Village/South Philly parents out there know him as Dr. Tapper, their kids’ pediatrician.) A wonderful father-son experience/memory. #FlyEaglesFly
Today, I met The Queen.
"We think of our homes as places of warmth, familiarity and love... there is a timeless simplicity to the pull of home."
Watch Her Majesty The Queen's Christmas broadcast 2017. Merry Christmas to all. #ChristmasDay2017
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The queen, @camilacabello97 ❤️ has plenty of nominations, but will she win#BestSoloBreakout at our#iHeartAwards ? RT now to vote for#CamilaCabello .
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how the fuck did Queen actually write Bohemian Rhapsody? it must've been black magic.....
Queen Celine! What a show, an absolute highlight of my life, thank you so much for the attention to your crowd and insane humor. Happy new year lady x
After 90 years of serving L👀KS & smiles as the polka dot queen, it's time she got that recognition 👏🏻! It will be a childhood and grown adult dream come true for me that day! ❤
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