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I voted against the USA Patriot Act and will continue to do all that I can to prevent us from moving toward an Orwellian society.
"Sen. Sanders, you're the only one on this stage who voted against the Patriot Act." - @andersoncooper #DebateWithBernie
Virtually all "temporary" rights abridgments end up being permanent. The Patriot Act was "temporary" when enacted. It's now 16 years old.
I've just taken the senate floor to begin a filibuster of the Patriot Act renewal. It's time to end the NSA spying!
Schumer, the likely Senate minority leader, voted for the Iraq War and the Patriot Act, and has defended torture.
We can protect America without violating our citizens' constitutional rights. That's why Bernie voted against the Patriot Act. #DemDebate
Tell your Senator you oppose the McCain amendment to expand the Patriot Act – call or email them NOW!
I've taken to the Senate floor to filibuster renewal of the "PATRIOT Act" & end NSA spying! Stand with me here >>>
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