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Tickets for the new #AHFODtour European dates are on general sale on Friday. Get ticket links & pre-sale info at…
I like the arrival of each new European morning because it means Trump is asleep and the world won't end in nuclear war before lunchtime.
The new @DerSPIEGEL cover story on Trump's election will be online in English this evening (European time).
European #RecordBreaker @Cristiano at ST bosses the new #TOTW with @LuisSuarez9, @DaniAlvesD2, and @clint_dempsey!
BREAKING: Morgan Stanley has chosen Frankfurt as its new, post-Brexit hub in the European Union.
The new star of European football. What a performance so far.
London Premiere for #NeverSayNever3D was incredible. European fans thank u so much. @jessiejofficial is the new big sis. Follow her
Some new costumes for the European leg...

Photos by @Halfinger_.
Welcome to the new home of European football. #BTSportEurope
This in The New European shows the extent to which Corbyn is about to disappoint young voters on Brexit
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