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Nice suprise from Sony Mexico when we arrived! The Mexican football jersey! Love it!
Mexican official on Trump: "He's the opposite of Teddy Roosevelt. He speaks loudly and carries a small stick."
Triple Platinum plaques here for #Believe. Thank u to @UMusicMexico and all the Mexican beliebers
Ted Cruz is exactly right to focus on confiscating Mexican drug money to pay for the wall. What a grand and fitting irony.
The Mexican tariff incident is truly amazing, because it shows dysfunctional, ignorance, and incompetence at multiple levels. 1/
“If she broke your heart, break her face.”

A Mexican woman senator was attacked by men, and the internet reacted in an unusual way.
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OFAC Kingpin action targets 22 Mexican Nationals & 43 entities—the largest Kingpin designation against a Mexican drug network
the best mexican sopa ever!!!!
fun fact: my greatgreatgramps named Proculo fought in the Mexican revolution w Zapata. ASI QUE VIVA MEXICO CABRONES
The protesters in New Mexico were thugs who were flying the Mexican flag. The rally inside was big and beautiful, but outside, criminals!
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