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Further undermines Trump admin story he was a non-entity: British government official met with Trump campaign foreign policy aide, George Papadopoulos for a “working level meeting” in September 2016, two months before the US presidential election - UK Foreign Office
The Lakers' front office recently met with LaVar Ball to ask him to tone down his public criticisms of Luke Walton and create a more positive atmosphere for Lonzo Ball, sources told @ramonashelburne.
Area covered by a Met Office AMBER weather warning indicates the area most likely *at the moment* to see disruption from heavy snow on Sunday
The Lakers front office recently met with LaVar Ball and asked him to tone down his criticisms of coach Luke Walton and help create a more positive atmosphere around his son, per sources. LaVar tells ESPN "it was the best thing."
Temperature reaches 33.9C in Heathrow, west London, making it the hottest UK June day since 1976, Met Office says
Got the back to work blues? RT to WIN a Met Office mug! T&Cs at #loveukweather
#StormCaroline has been officially named by the Met Office. High winds are expected to affect northern Scotland on Thursday. Warnings issued, stay #weatheraware
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The Met Office confirms there’s been a significant rise in temperature since the sun started shining out of Jeremy Corbyn's backside.
2016 was the warmest year on record, Nasa and the UK Met Office say
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