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How adorable are the @BTS_twt boys in the #BBMAs crowd? 😍
The crowd in front of the U.S. Supreme Court is tiny, looks like about 200 people (& most are onlookers) - that wouldn’t even fill the first couple of rows of our Kansas Rally, or any of our Rallies for that matter! The Fake News Media tries to make it look sooo big, & it’s not!
My heart swells w/pride every time the crowd here at yells like crazy for . It’s major for so MANY reasons. Seeing their careers blow up to the stratosphere makes me SMIZE my eyes out!
Tbh I think every crowd we sing to is the loudest ... I thought that was a good thing that world wide your the best fans. ? Don't you?
Had the most amazing night at @MLStadium in New Jersey tonight! Stadium is epic, crowd also! Big love
Holy shit, first of all that stadium is just ridiculously big and second the crowd was insane, really liking SA bigtime !
Actually @julianbulian and I brought some fans to the studio to record the chorus as like a crowd vocal.. So this song is really YOURS
The disturbing part of Trump’s jokes about Gianforte was the effect on the crowd. I saw one young man in the crowd making body slam gestures. He looked at me and ran his thumb across his throat. I talked to him after the rally was over. He couldn’t stop laughing.
Paul said in Romans, “Don’t let society squeeze you into its mold.” If they want to be mediocre, if they want to be common, that’s their choice. But that’s not who you are. You are uncommon. Stand out in the crowd.
Tell Ya what! That gig tonight in Vienna was hands down one of the best shows ever! The crowd were so up for it ! Thank you guys
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