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My heart swells w/pride every time the crowd here at @BBMAs yells like crazy for @BTS_twt. It’s major for so MANY reasons. Seeing their careers blow up to the stratosphere makes me SMIZE my eyes out!
How adorable are the @BTS_twt boys in the #BBMAs crowd? 😍
Cardiff, you were lovely. Thank you for having us. You were a perfect crowd tonight. All the love
Will be going to Evansville, Indiana, tonight for a big crowd rally with Mike Braun, a very successful businessman who is campaigning to be Indiana’s next U.S. Senator. He is strong on Crime & Borders, the 2nd Amendment, and loves our Military & Vets. Will be a big night!
Tbh I think every crowd we sing to is the loudest ... I thought that was a good thing that world wide your the best fans. ? Don't you?
We can't shrug off Trump's attacks on the press. Ever. They're undemocratic and invite, even incite, violence. This bears repeating. It demands repeating. Last night @CNN's @Acosta faced down a hostile crowd. Support from his colleagues, competitors, and general public is a must.
Had the most amazing night at @MLStadium in New Jersey tonight! Stadium is epic, crowd also! Big love
Last night my heart swelled up with pride every time the crowd at th @BBMAse yelled like crazy f @BTS_twtor . It’s major for so MANY reasons. The world is celebrating 7 beautiful, sexy, talented, and fun-loving Asian men and their fierce, fine talent.
Holy shit, first of all that stadium is just ridiculously big and second the crowd was insane, really liking SA bigtime !
Actually @julianbulian and I brought some fans to the studio to record the chorus as like a crowd vocal.. So this song is really YOURS
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