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The latest video from @BTS_twt is setting the internet and social media on fire. Loaded with visuals and filled with double meanings, "Euphoria" is an art-pop rabbit hole looking to the future by means of sometimes cryptic references to BTS' past.

check out the model and concept art for the interactive introverts set (can’t wait for it to be real !) strong dystopian game show aesthetic 👌
We are going to REBUILD our crumbling infrastructure, and there is no better place to begin this campaign than in the Great State of Ohio. A tremendous honor to be here today at a state-of-the-art training site, where the skills of the American Worker are forged and refined!
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The art of transformation.
7 months
.@HBO's Insecure has mastered the cinematographic art of properly lighting black faces #HBOInsecure
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yep. new album coming november 13th. pre-order on my store to unlock the album art
Here it is. Now let's take the song to #1!!!! Art by the people! #WhereAreUNowMusicVideo
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Looking forward to what is coming. Art is everywhere. Expect the unexpected
Be crazy.
But learn how to be crazy without being the center of attention.
Be wise.
But learn that wisdom is sometimes the art of behaving like a fool
We invited America’s public school teachers to show us the conditions that a decade of budget cuts has wrought.

An art teacher at a public school in Tennessee makes watercolors for her students using old markers.
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