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It should be possible to acknowledge that @Joe Biden would be infinitely better for African-Americans than an actual white nationalist in the White House — while making clear that the Thanksgiving-uncle racial reflexes of an elder like Biden need to be worked on and altered.

@AnandWrites : Biden a 'Thanksgiving-uncle' Racist, "Has to Drop Out'

Ending your campaign with an embargo on a public website is some next level Angry Thanksgiving Uncle shit. Bravo @SenSanders 

@Dgreene11 you saw what those @Lions  did! I couldn't due to traveling back home but saw the results!! Happy Thanksgiving uncle!!

@hiattb That's just the sort of thing Thanksgiving Uncle would say.

Why is the Thanksgiving Uncle suddenly so much of a thing? Were there not Thanksgivings or uncles in previous years?

@jason_m_heller it's that thing you eat while your THANKSGIVING UNCLE bothers you

good work twitter we're just burning through these thanksgiving uncle jokes

Complaints about the Angry Thanksgiving Uncle were the original subtweets