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Alright, ladies and gentlemen... It's a Tess Off! - Lorenzo

A pathologist testified today at the trial of the man charged with first-degree murder in the death of Tess Richey.

Tess Richey was strangled to death around the last time she was seen alive near the Church Street stairwell where her body was found, a forensic pathologist testified Wednesday. @alysanmati 

A forensic pathologist who examined Tess Richey's body says she quickly saw signs that suggested the young woman had been strangled.

Forensic pathologist details Tess Richey injuries to murder trial

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Tess Richey had injuries indicating she died from neck compression, a forensic pathologist testified Wednesday in court:

Forensic pathologist who examined Tess Richey testifies at trial


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That's all, folks! Mercury has left the disk of the Sun, completing the transit. The next Mercury transit is in 2032 — so in the meantime, you can read up on @NASAblueshift 's TESS mission, which uses transits in other star systems to look for exoplanets!

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Please save my girls! They deserve to be here! #VoiceSave  Tess