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Nice to know the person responsible for making electric cars is able to divorce himself from climate change by donating to the very people who deny its existence. I traded my Tesla in last week after my friend’s Tesla caught on fire, so I saved a trip
Tesla batteries are currently live & delivering power at 662 locations in Puerto Rico. Team is working 24/7 to activate several hundred more.
7000 cars, 7 days
♥️ Tesla Team ♥️
It’s super messed up that a Tesla crash resulting in a broken ankle is front page news and the ~40,000 people who died in US auto accidents alone in past year get almost no coverage
I really love my Tesla. I'm in the future. Thank you Elon.
Tesla Goes Bankrupt
Palo Alto, California, April 1, 2018 -- Despite intense efforts to raise money, including a last-ditch mass sale of Easter Eggs, we are sad to report that Tesla has gone completely and totally bankrupt. So bankrupt, you can't believe it.
US tech companies founded by 1st/2nd generation immigrants 🇺🇸

Elon was found passed out against a Tesla Model 3, surrounded by "Teslaquilla" bottles, the tracks of dried tears still visible on his cheeks.

This is not a forward-looking statement, because, obviously, what's the point?

Happy New Month!
Difficult, but necessary Tesla reorg underway. My email to the company has already leaked to media. Here it is unfiltered:
Here's how old these companies will be turning in 2018:

Snapchat: 7 years
Uber: 9 years
Twitter: 12 years
Facebook: 14 years
Tesla: 15 years
Google: 20 years
Netflix: 21 years
Amazon: 24 years
Apple: 42 years
Intel: 50 years
HP: 79 years
Disney: 95 years
IBM: 107 years
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