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A friend asks “Have you deleted your LinkedIn profile?” cc @Jollytall  No, I’ve been banned from @LinkedIn  for violating their terms of service. So please send all job offers directly to LinkedInSuck @dgwbirch .com from now on.

While the idea that you can fix your unequal relationship with a platform's terms of service with a post, there are no magic words you can post that will change the rules.

My New Post: We ‘Care’ About Our Data Privacy, But Not Enough To Read The Terms of Service…

Most rules are made for the benefit of those that make the rules & to keep others at bay--Contracts, terms of service, terms of use, publishing deals, music, books, stock market, mortgages, systems, apps, banks, institutions, schools, internet, loans, etc.

You can always text STOP to quit or HELP for more information. By signing up for this SMS service, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

YouTube's new terms of service are openly hostile to users and creators. #youtubeisoverparty 

WTF? I used to like @LinkedIn , but I guess they don’t like me. Still, it’s a fun game to try and guess how I may have violated their terms of service. Any suggestions?

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“We take immediate action when we determine content violates our terms of service," a Microsoft spokesperson tells The Hollywood Reporter. Read the full statement here:

#Prasa Mbalula: In the coming days, we will be concluding a Service Level Agreement, which will outline in detail the terms of reference for his engagement.

Facebook has ramped up its legal proceedings for terms of service violations this year #socialmedia 


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‘Shadow banning’ written into Twitter’s new terms of service, may ‘limit visibility’ of some users. Time for Congress to #RemoveLiableProtection  from Big Tech!

If Twitter has declared the Tory stunt was a violation of its terms of service, why aren’t they currently enjoying a suspension? The rest of us would be.

Nunes' lawsuit against Twitter basically argues that Twitter does so much to shape content--censorship, shadow-banning, terms of service--that it functions as a de facto content provider.

Did you know most of the deadliest mass shootings in the last decade were financed with a credit card like @Visa ? I'm joining @SumOfUs  to call on @Visa  to change its terms of service to flag excessive gun &ammo purchases. Sign the petition:

We are actively working on reports of targeted abuse and harassment of a number of survivors of the tragic mass shooting in #Parkland . Such behavior goes against everything we stand for at Twitter, and we are taking action on any content that violates our terms of service.

Threatening nuclear war on Twitter feels like a terms of service violation

Twitter's new terms of service are a joke

"This has been a character assassination by the Democrats. They should be ashamed of themselves on what they have done in terms of belittling this man... who has dedicated his life to public service."-

Twitter deemed 3 of Sheriff Clarke's tweets -- including his "attack" on CNN -- in violation of terms of service, put him in "read-only" mode until he deleted them.

Hey @Twitter , is threatening nuclear war not a violation of terms of service?