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K-pop boy band #EXO inspires terminally ill fan to publish novels @weareoneEXO
One of the Santa Fe High School victims was teacher Cynthia Tisdale. She worked two jobs so that she could pay for medical expenses for her terminally ill husband. Cynthia's body was identified by her son, a local detective who responded to the shooting.
Great news→ The House just passed a bill providing terminally ill patients with access to experimental treatments and therapies for the chance at a longer life. These patients—and their loved ones—deserve the #RightToTry.
As we remember Bradley lets also spare a thought for all other terminally ill children, who battle bravely every single day
Good to see this lad on the Sports Personality red carpet - a special invite for terminally ill 5yo Sunderland fan Bradley Lowery #SPOTY
Terminally ill cancer patient Brittany Maynard has ended her own life
VIDEO: Watch terminally ill cancer patient Lauren Hill score in her college basketball game
Meet Mohamed Bzeek, the only foster parent in L.A. County who takes in terminally ill children. By @haileybranson:
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