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Instead of abortion or birth control access, the GOP would prefer that all babies be carried to term, then gunned down with an assault rifle
President Trump ignored the voices of millions and put the short-term profits of the fossil fuel industry ahead of the future of our planet.
I'm not sure why at this hour but 'shade' is really making me laugh jokes are awful granted but u gotta say that term is hilarious
The best analysis of how the term "terrorism" is used in US discourse came from a cartoon screen shot
That's right, we need a TRAVEL BAN for certain DANGEROUS countries, not some politically correct term that won't help us protect our people!
Trump admin has finally waived #JonesAct for #PuertoRico. Now Congress must repeal this law to aid long-term recovery.
Sorry, Mr. Trump. The future of the planet is more important than the short-term profits of the oil, coal and gas industries.
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While on FAKE NEWS @CNN, Bernie Sanders was cut off for using the term fake news to describe the network. They said technical difficulties!
Missouri senator says @POTUS should be assassinated. & Media rejects the term "Alt Left"? Violence, threats and efforts to silence=Alt left!
No prime minister in Pakistan has finished a full term since the country's independence.
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