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13 women have accused Trump of sexual assault or harassment:

Natasha Stoynoff
Rachel Crooks
Cathy Heller
Kristin Anderson
Summer Zervos
Mindy Macgillivray
Jill Harth
Jessica Leeds
Temple McDowell
Karena Virginia
Jennifer Murphy
Ninni Laaksonen
Jessica Drake

I believe them all.
Hindus wake up! Muslims leaders are refusing to give up on a masjid,that is shiftable,to restore the holiest temple on the birthplace of Ram
Take one on the temple..
me: I want to look like Shirley Temple had dreads
@yusefhairnyc: say no more.
@dazed. cover 3/4
For those e.g Rajdeep who want hospital on Ramjanmabhoomi I suggest a mental hospital 10 kms across Saryu River with a window to see temple
Happy Bday to my lil bro @BenSimmons25!!! That boi 21 now. Uh-Oh!! Let's go have a Shirley temple with a twist. 😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
Sanatanis very happy yesterday Jain Munis publicly supported Ram Temple in Ayodhya. A Hindu is one who professes an Indic religion.
Next time Sibal addresses a media conference on behalf of Congi, media persons should ask him his vow on Ram Temple
CVP Rahul Gandhi kicks off a glorious Gujarat Sunday by seeking blessings at Dakor's Ranchhodji Temple, Kheda. #NavsarjanWithCongress
Clarification: There is only one visitor's book at Somnath Temple that was signed by Congress VP Rahul Gandhi. Any other image being circulated is fabricated.

Desperate times call for desperate measures?
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