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Yankees' GM Brian Cashman is ready for MLB Winter Meetings "I wish I could telegraph or predict what's going to happen. I can't"

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The front page of tomorrow's Telegraph'>Daily Telegraph: Corbyn will betray Brexit, says Johnson as he takes fight to Labour's heartlands #TomorrowsPapersToday 

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The Conservatives’ lead over Labour has fallen to 8 percentage points over the past week, just days before Thursday's election, the Telegraph reported

Hillary Clinton is “dropping hints” that she is planning to enter the race to be the Democratic presidential candidate to take on Donald Trump in 2020, according to the DailyTelegraph’s James Morrow.

"There have been a lot of lows this year, it’s been really difficult" @TanyaBurr  reflects on a tough 2019 in an exclusive interview with the Telegraph's @BethanHolt 

@michaelgove writes in today's Telegraph'>Sunday Telegraph: The stakes in this era-defining election could hardly be higher

@Accenture  bans staff from staying in @Airbnb  homes amid safety concerns' @telegraph 


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Ask yourselves why the Sun, Mail, Express and Telegraph are not leading on this story, too.

In the last few days The Sun, The Mail, The Telegraph and The Express have gone a little bit James Bond. We've got news for the billionaire, tax exile press barons: Change is coming.

Exclusive: Telegraph journalists tracked down Nirav Modi, the billionaire diamond tycoon who is a suspect for the biggest banking fraud in India's history

Boris Johnson's column in The Telegraph that the cure to mental health problems is work, is honestly the most arrogant, incorrect, upsetting piece of trash I have read in a long time. As someone who lost a loved one to depression, I cannot say this clearly enough: fuck you.

The hits keep on coming. From The Telegraph in the UK: an apology to Mrs. Trump for false reporting.

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Now is the time to remember Boris Johnson gets paid £5,200 a week by The Telegraph'>Daily Telegraph.

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Barclay brothers pay Johnson £270k to write for the Telegraph and want no-deal. We taxpayers pay him £80k. Whose interests is he serving?

A problem with May’s article in today’s Telegraph is she assumes the country will ‘come back together’ if her deal passes. This is nonsense. One obvious point: the causes of brexit were not in general anything to do with the EU, therefore leaving it will solve nothing.

The front page of today's Telegraph'>London Daily Telegraph. Welcome to what single payer is really like.

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