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BREAKING: Iran state TV says authorities temporarily block Instagram, messaging app Telegram to "maintain peace" amid protests - @AP
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On this date one year ago, Odor and Joey Bats cleared the benches. [Credit: Fort Worth Star-Telegram]
WikiLeaks #Vault7 confirms CIA can effectively bypass Signal + Telegram + WhatsApp + Confide encryption
Here is the leaked white paper for the massive Telegram ICO via @stevekrohn
Telegram plans multi-billion dollar ICO on its own blockchain platform via @stevekrohn
BREAKING: Russian President Vladimir Putin sends Donald Trump a telegram of congratulation on winning the US presidential election.
Today i #Rashtn , chanting “Death to the Dictator!” For those asking if movement is dying down, appears it’s gaining momentum in numbers and in cities. There has been, however, a slowdown in sending videos as Telegram & Instagram are blocked in certain areas. #iranprotests
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Good primer on why SMS, Snapchat, and Telegram aren't the best choices for chatting safely. Learn the risks.
Going through my Mum's papers...the telegram that breaks the news to her Dad that his children are free from Belsen, but his wife has died.
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