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The level of trolling of Putin reaches a new high, joking that #SaudiArabia  should buy the same S-300 anti-missile defence system that Moscow already sold to Tehran (amid the laughter of Iranian officials, including President Rouhani) | #OOTT  #oil  #Iran  #Russia 

Iran’s brazen attack on a Saudi Arabian oil facility cannot go unanswered. I hope our international partners will join us in imposing consequences on Tehran for this reckless attack.

Donald Trump today said that “certainly it would look” like Iran was behind a series of drone attacks in Saudia Arabia that struck the heart of its oil production. It's the closest he’s gotten yet to placing outright blame on Tehran for the strikes

The Taliban has sent a four member delegation from their Doha office to Tehran for meetings with the ‘Iranian foreign ministry’, spokesman Suhail Shaheen said in a tweet.

All the while, if this weekend's attack was launched from Iran, we should presume Tehran has priced in a Saudi or US response and prepared its counter, with another rung up the escalatory ladder. With everyone “locked and loaded” – it's a good time to slow down, and think.

#Trump backed off on Iran last time -- but will he again? He famously canceled a missile strike on #Iran  in June, but Tehran will not be resting easy following the unpredictable president's warning that the United States is again "locked and loaded"

Trump’s ‘locked and loaded’ rhetoric on Iran stands in contrast to his desire to do a deal with Tehran. But there is one unifying thread to the conflicting impulses—he seethes to be seen as doing better than Obama, writes @agearan 

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Trump says the U.S. is “lock and loaded” to hit Iran if proof emerges that Tehran carried out an attack on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia.

Donald Trump famously canceled a missile strike on Iran in June, but Tehran will not be resting easy following the unpredictable president's warning that the United States is again "locked and loaded"

The U.S. claims to have intelligence supporting its allegations that the attacks on Saudi oil facilities are "likely" to have come from Iran - further increasing tensions between Washington and Tehran. #9Today 


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Google it: 35.5022 51.2997. It’s Iran’s secret nuclear warehouse in Tehran. Look for it and share it

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Female fans were allowed into Tehran’s Azadi stadium for the first time since 1979 today to watch Iran vs. Spain 🙌

For a minute there I thought Biden was talking about Obama siding with the murderous terrorist regime in Tehran.  Or was it China?  Or was it Cuba?  Or was it Russia?  Or was it the Muslim Brotherhood? Or was it Hamas?

Flashback: 1979 anti-hijab rally in Tehran, Iran, a day before theocratic regime forcibly and violently began imposing veil on women

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Let's make it clear what the real source of support is for terrorism around the world -- it's the regime in Tehran. Retweet if you agree.

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Wow! Just spotted John Kerry sitting w/ James Taylor up in Biz Class on my flight to TLV. Said they are on their way to Tehran so Kerry can salvage Iran deal. Taylor will sing "You've Got a Friend" to Ayatollah. Cargo hold said to be filled with pallets of cash.

Breaking wind from CNN! John Kerry rushed to hospital after near drowning. While on book tour he was caught in heavy rain and had his nose so high in the air almost drowned. On his way to Tehran now to sign books paid for with pallets of US cash.

Today is the 3rd anniversary of the horrible Iran deal that gave Tehran billions in sanctions relief but didn’t end its nuclear ambitions, missile tests, support for terrorism or regional expansionism. Thank you President Trump for ending this deal & imposing maximum pressure.

Israel fully supports ’s bold decision today to reject the disastrous nuclear deal with the terrorist regime in Tehran. The deal didn’t push war further away; it actually brought it closer. The deal didn’t reduce Iran’s aggression; it dramatically increased it.