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Yesss ! I'm 20 ! Wohooo ! No more teens!
BREAKING: We're suing the Trump administration for jailing immigrant teens based on unsubstantiated claims of gang affiliation.
What a fantastic weekend that was at the Horan & Rose event . ALOT money was raised for CRUK kids and teens .
Five innocent teens of color. Coerced confessions. Unjust incarceration. Demands for their death by the man who would become President. #CP5
today's teens don't know nothing bout this
Man who broke up fight between two teens in viral video gets emotional while being honored in Atlantic City:
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Six African teens reported missing while visiting Washington for robotics competition
These teens were banned from prom and track because of their hair, so they challenged their school
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Drunk teens steal circus llama, take it for joyride
Society puts so much unnecessary pressure on teens.
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