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Thankyou so much to everyone who voted at the teen choice awards ! The fact we are still winning awards because of you guys is unbelievable!
Thank you so much for your support at the teen awards, amazing ! You don't know how buzzing I am that no control won
Teen returns wallet w/ $1500 cash. Woman in home said, "It's sad that I didn't trust him to open my door when he was just doing a good deed"
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Wow just found out we won 2 teen awards today .. Thank you to all of your for voting and @BBCR1 for the support
Teen returns wallet containing $1,500 in cash after finding it in the street; he was later rewarded with $150.
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Great to perform at @bbcr1 teen awards . Good to be back on stage infront of a crowd , nothing better . Thanks for having me radio 1
Please keep voting for the Teen Choice Awards. It's gonna be fuuunnnnn
Bad news.. Ash isn't well & is in hospital w appendicitis, so we wont be able to travel to the UK for the @BBCR1 Teen Awards this weekend :(
Cops used a Taser on a teen multiple times, even though he was restrained.
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