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You are the greatest team mates we have ever known. Thank you.
The 2017-18 All-NBA First Team!

Russia attacked America. @realDonaldTrump’s team tried to work with them. That’s the kind of thing you investigate. Yet, @SpeakerRyan is allowing Trump’s fixers in Congress to torch the rule of law. If you think this is not normal, time to BE LOUD.

📝 We are delighted to announce that Mauricio Pochettino has signed a new five-year contract with the Club, which runs until 2023.

First Team Coaching staff Jesús Pérez, Miguel D’Agostino & Toni Jimenez have also agreed new contracts. 🙌

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All-NBA 1st Team:

LeBron James
James Harden
Anthony Davis
Damian Lillard
Kevin Durant
LeBron James earned his 12th All-NBA 1st Team selection passing Kobe Bryant and Karl Malone for the most all-time
Absolutely Horrendous what happened in Manchester tonight. My thoughts are with the great people of Manchester and also Ari and her team xx
The special counsel investigation has produced almost 20 indictments, 5 guilty pleas—3 from Trump's team & 1 already serving jail time.

Defendants are facing 100+ criminal charges including conspiracy against the US, bank fraud, lying to FBI investigators & more. #NotAWitchHunt
It was my honor to welcome @NASCAR Cup Series Champion @MartinTruex_Jr and his team to the @WhiteHouse yesterday!
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