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British broadcast journalists always talk w such a sense of urgency; it’s like UK journo schools teach them to sound like they are always under mortar attack. But when they are reporting about the 6th in the line of succession moving to Canada, it sounds particularly ridiculous

This old email from Steve Jobs will teach you everything you need to know about written communication

At 3, your parents tell you to not stare at people. It’s rude. Then you grow older but they do too and they start staring and pointing at strangers and loudly telling secrets and saying “that man is ugly!” like they didn’t teach you better than that. Like... who raised me?

Shopping is a great time to teach kids about food safety! Discuss why raw meat & poultry should stay separate from other foods.

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Teach our daughters to worry less about fitting into glass slippers and more about shattering glass ceilings. #WomensMarchNYC  #WomensMarch2020 

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Carson Fratus, a @FulbrightPrgrm  research scholar in Chennai, is training in #Carnatic  music & studying under the tutelage of revered gurus. He also visits public schools to teach#piano  #percussion  & composition classes. What a fine example of #USIndia  cultural exchange! @USIEF 

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“I teach a lot of immigrant students, and in political times like this I want to make sure I’m using my voice to speak up for them,” Rochelle McGurn, who's a teacher in Vermont, said.

Even though they have been largely forgotten, the struggles with gentrification during the 1970s form a chapter in the history of urban transformation that has much to teach us. #citylabarchive 

"Finding a mentor who can teach audience strategy can really round out how a young reporter views journalism” @forrestmilburn  75 other journalists available on @jourinternships  to provide mentorship on podcasting to audience engagement

Can you teach yourself how to do a Rubik's cube in just one day? @tomough  investigates


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i did teach j-hope dancin and i am still;

From kindergarten onwards we need education to strengthen inner values not just pursue material goals. We need to introduce emotional hygiene, much as we teach physical hygiene. This way we can address the problems we face, in the hope of making this a century of non-violence.

Just want to make people smile. And teach them the perfect squat

In our education system, we need to include lessons, like those concerning physical hygiene, that focus on mental and emotional hygiene, that teach how to develop a healthy mind. This is the core of what I call secular ethics.

Never too early to teach your children the classics

Anger and fear undermine our immune system, while warm-heartedness brings peace of mind. Therefore, just as we teach children to comply with physical hygiene for the good of their health, we should also counsel them in a kind of hygiene of the emotions.

Hey if you ever want me to send Doctor Strange & The X-Men to Hogwarts to teach a few classes, just let me know. I think they could also hold down the fort against Voldemort.

@Luke5SOS yeh let's do the ole crazy golf but I want to teach you how to play the real one, with the fantastic hand eye ,you should be fine

Preorder #believedancedvd . best choreographer in the biz @nickdemoura  will teach u to dance -

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