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Pyotr Tchaikovsky—composer of "The Nutcracker"—was born #onthisday 1840
Beethoven's RT @MonsterDano RT @ladygaga Is the 'Prelude Pathqetique' inspired by Tchaikovsky's Pathetique Symphony?
Oh wow. Marbles falling, painstakingly synchronized to Tchaikovsky. The hours… the HOURS…
Did you know that Tchaikovsky works influenced Michael’s thinking about albums?
10 months
Son & I Worked W/Chuck a Few X’s.He Was Gracious & Wrote 1 Of My Fave Lyrics,“ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN,TELL
Perspective: The soft bigotry of having to change your name. Because somehow Tchaikovsky is easier.
#AmericanHumour Suggested additional questions: Have you ever heard music by Tchaikovsky? Or have you ever seen Kremlin on TV?
the thing I love about tchaikovsky is he’s just so extra
Tchaikovsky on depression and finding beauty amid the wreckage of the soul
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