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Beethoven's RT @MonsterDano RT @ladygaga Is the 'Prelude Pathqetique' inspired by Tchaikovsky's Pathetique Symphony?
Pyotr Tchaikovsky—composer of "The Nutcracker"—was born #onthisday 1840
Did you know that Tchaikovsky works influenced Michael’s thinking about albums?
Tchaikovsky and the secret gay loves censors tried to hide
Son & I Worked W/Chuck a Few X’s.He Was Gracious & Wrote 1 Of My Fave Lyrics,“ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN,TELL
#AmericanHumour Suggested additional questions: Have you ever heard music by Tchaikovsky? Or have you ever seen Kremlin on TV?
Perspective: The soft bigotry of having to change your name. Because somehow Tchaikovsky is easier.
Oh wow. Marbles falling, painstakingly synchronized to Tchaikovsky. The hours… the HOURS…
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