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I cherish the times I spent with you, embracing me in your family & home. You were Woman of strength that endured so much hardship and sacrifice. Without you we would not know anything about Tata and his 27 years. You will remain in my heart!! R.I.P WINNIE MANDELA ♥️🙏🏾🇿🇦
#casamentotacielo appreciation post ♡♡♡ @tata @cocielo
Anthony Tata: “President Obama was the worst foreign policy president we’ve ever had.”
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After 20 years I won. Now turn of TDK Buddhu PC BC & Tata to join in jail
Anthony Tata: "The president is doing the hard business of foreign policy that #Obama was just never interested in." @JudgeJeanine
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Just saw this commercial . It's a phenomenal initiative by Sonata . Thank you TATA BYE BYE for now .
Sharing my speech at the programme to mark the release of Platinum Jubilee Milestone book on Tata Memorial Centre.
Many prominent Tata&Sons Directors figure in Panama Papers. Will publish details when time permits
So thrilling to flag off the 4th #T1PrimaRacing at Buddh International Circuit. These Tata trucks can seriously move ;)
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