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After 20 years I won. Now turn of TDK Buddhu PC BC & Tata to join in jail
Sharing my speech at the programme to mark the release of Platinum Jubilee Milestone book on Tata Memorial Centre.
Just saw this commercial . It's a phenomenal initiative by Sonata . Thank you TATA BYE BYE for now .
The "Ta-Ta Towel" is here to stop your boob sweat problems, apparently
Rotten Tata thought BJP is corruptible. One swallow does not make a summer. Tata financing of a terrorist and illegality gives him no escape
So thrilling to flag off the 4th #T1PrimaRacing at Buddh International Circuit. These Tata trucks can seriously move ;)
Watch SachchiBaat with @Gurmeetramrahim today at 10 pm and on Sunday at 11 am @_NationalVoice .Tata 558, dish 822,…
do you like disney movies because you can hakuna my tata's anytime you want
Yesterday in my conference with legal eagles it was decided to prosecute Rotten Tata on 2G, file PILs on GSTN and on Sunanda murder case.
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