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He's walking home from his dishwashing shift at Cracker Barrel. 2 police officers stop him for jaywalking. “All I’m trying to do is go home, man. I’m tired!”
he says. They Taser him, choke him, beat him on the skull. 1 officer has quit after an outcry
In Logan’s defense I mean who of us hasn’t used a taser on dead animals, bragged about the 1 million new subs we gained during our suicide exploitation scandal, and made a video asking people about the suicide video so we could use our suicide video tags on a monetized video?
Cops used a Taser on a teen multiple times, even though he was restrained.
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After the public apologies for his previous vlog that featured footage of a dead body, Logan Paul's new video shows him using a taser on dead rats and poking at a fish struggling to breathe. Has the YouTuber actually turned over a new leaf?
An officer is charged with assault after a video shows him Taser and strangle a Black man for jaywalking
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The NYPD used a Taser on a 17-year-old pregnant woman.
Naked man armed with bug spray was stunned with Taser after slapping police officer at MetroRail stop. FULL VIDEO:
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We've never seen a pursuit end quite like this one before. Officers used a Taser on the man and took down the woman right after they were distracted by an embrace
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