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“From youth football all the way up to my seniors, they call it Jeudying. Most of them fall after they get done.” Jerry Jeudy's name is a verb for youth players. His tape is must-see for great NFL receivers past and present. Are You Ready to Jeudy?

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The NYPD had provided list of needed items, suits were needed in part because NYPD members are finding themselves interacting with people felled or ill w COVID, per the admin official. Navarro dealt w companies directly as officials keep finding selves bogged down thru red tape.

Red tape at the DSWD is obstructing the distribution of cash assistance to poor families in the grip of the national health emergency, Deputy Speaker Luis RaymundVillafuerte Jr. said. | @deejayapINQ 

Okay...this is incredible. 😂 While under quarantine, this guy did an ENTIRE triathlon at his house...complete with volunteers (his dogs), finish line tape and a podium. Well done. 👏👏 🎥 Christopher ProchnowWatch the video here. ⬇️

Caution tape around playground equipment is kind of creepy looking. A sign of the times. #COVID19  #HamOnt 

"Are you telling me that Frank Reich, who is a quarterback guy, as we know... Watched all the tape, made his thorough, most honest evaluation and assessments and came to the determination that Philip Rivers is better than Tom Brady? - @TikiAndTierney 

The store owner posted the picture writing, "Everyone is safe and fortunately, the building is structurally sound enough to open the drive-thru. Nothing a little plywood and duct tape won’t fix."

Colts coach Frank Reich watched with amazement the last two years of Tom Bradytape, but the team still decided to pursue Philip Rivers

Netane Muti is a big one. Tape is probably top 75. Injuries are a nightmare. Terrell Lewis another one


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.... Their response to H1N1 Swine Flu was a full scale disaster, with thousands dying, and nothing meaningful done to fix the testing problem, until now. The changes have been made and testing will soon happen on a very large scale basis. All Tape'>Red Tape has been cut, ready to go!

I’ve gone my entire life without saying the n word. Not when singing a song, not out loud, not in my head. It really isn’t that hard. The trick is to just...not say it. And boom! You’ve never said it and there’s no tape of you saying it.

President Trump: I never said repealing and replacing Obamacare would be easy. Really? Let's check the tape:

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So interesting that bad lawyer Michael Cohen, who sadly will not be testifying before Congress, is using the lawyer of Crooked Hillary Clinton to represent him - Gee, how did that happen? Remember July 4th weekend when Crooked went before FBI & wasn’t sworn in, no tape, nothing?

A few days ago Trump said he didn't know Lev Parnas and now there is a 90 MINUTE TAPE of Trump talking with Parnas over dinner

some of you never had to watch the last half-hour of Titanic on a second VHS tape and it shows

Striking moment in the tape. President Trump asks how long Ukraine would last in its war w/Russia. - "Without us?" - "Not long." - "30 seconds." The tape is from April 2018. Then, in 2019, the president orders the withholding of all US military aid to Ukraine.

We have a president who acknowledged on tape that he assaulted women. I would hope that he pays attention to what's going on and think about resigning.

Inconceivable that the government would break into a lawyer’s office (early in the morning) - almost unheard of. Even more inconceivable that a lawyer would tape a client - totally unheard of & perhaps illegal. The good news is that your favorite President did nothing wrong!

As former prosecutor, 3 things notable about Cohentape: 1) Clear Giuliani was untruthful when he said Trump didn’t know 2) Goal was to kill story before election, so campaign motivated 3) Regardless of cash or check, whole point of phony corp. was to hide campaign expenditure