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Quote Tweet with your prediction of where each will sign: ▪️Tom Brady: ▪️Dak Prescott: ▪️Ryan Tannehill: ▪️Philip Rivers: ▪️Jameis Winston: ▪️Teddy Bridgewater: ▪️Marcus Mariota:

@AllanBell247  He threw 613 times. That's an important piece of context. If Tannehill threw 613 times, he would have had 5,877 yards! Yes, far better weapons. But in 16 games Tannehill would have attempted 458.

“This perception that because Tom Brady is the GOAT, that he would be better for the Tennessee#Titans  than Tannehill'>Ryan Tannehill, it’s asinine,” @TikiBarber  said on @TikiAndTierney . “Derrick Henry is absolutely right. Tannehill had a better year.” #Patriots 

Is Ryan Tannehill better than Tom Brady right now? Chris Simms sure thinks so:

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@Zap_Rowsdowor  $25M would rank 11th among current QB salaries (maybe outside the top 15 after Prescott, Brady, Rivers, Winston, Tannehill, Bridgewater sign new deals). How could you possibly be "pissed " to see Brees paid among the top 10-15 QBs in the league?


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The Titans’ miracle run was sparked when they benched Marcus Mariota for Ryan Tannehill. Here’s what Mariota said to Tannehill after he came up one game short of the Super Bowl. That’s real ? (via @insidetheNFL )

The Tannehill family photo ♥️

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Week 17: Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Dolphins upset the Pats to take away their bye Wild Card: Ryan Tannehill’s Titans beat them to knock them out of the playoffs Both games in New England. Current and former Dolphins getting revenge on the Patriots.

Tannehill'>Ryan Tannehill began the year as a backup on a one-year deal. He just eliminated Tom Brady and Lamar Jackson in consecutive weeks. Titans are in the AFC championship. This is wild.

Titans’ season defies logic. ◽️ Started 2-4 ◽️ Tannehill named starter ◽️ QB revives career ◽️ TEN becomes a top offense ◽️ Reach playoffs in final week ◽️ Upset reigning champ Pats ◽️ Upset No. 1 seed Ravens One game from the Super Bowl.

Kirk Cousins and Ryan Tannehill after eliminating Drew Brees and Tom Brady @tzupes )

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