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Taiwan lost a domestic ally to China for the second time in a week

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For many years, China’s vow that it would decide Taiwan’s future by force if need be seemed like an empty threat. @Scholars_Stage  argues that, as China’s military power grows, Taiwan’s military procurement strategy is hurting its ability to defend itself.

Taiwanese leaders have a powerful political incentive to raise Taiwan’s international stature, publicly resist China’s attempts to cut it away from its allies—and show that the Taiwanese military remains a world-class force, writes @Scholars_Stage .


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Most respect for teachers, 2018 1. China 2. Malaysia 3. Taiwan 4. Russia 5. Indonesia 6. S Korea 7. Turkey 8. India 11. Canada 13. UK 16. US 18. Japan 19. Egypt 20. France 21. Germany 23. Portugal 24. Netherlands 27. Spain 31. Argentina 33. Italy 34. Israel 35. Brazil (Varkey)

Military strength, 2017. 1. US 2. Russia 3. China 4. India 5. France 6. UK 7. Japan 8. Turkey 9. Germany 10. Egypt 11. Italy 12. South Korea 13. Pakistan 14. Indonesia 15. Israel 16. Vietnam 17. Brazil 18. Taiwan 19. Poland 20. Thailand (Global Firepower)

⚡️ Taiwan is conducting its annual military drills this week, simulating a possible invasion from China #台湾

Clinton Corruption: The Hillary Clinton State Department approved 215 Bill Clinton foreign speeches (in Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Panama, Turkey, Taiwan, India, the Cayman Islands, and elsewhere) worth $48 million.

A teenage pop star’s humiliating apology to China for waving a Taiwan flag on television

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Cyber attack reported in 74 countries with UK, US, China, Russia, Spain, Italy and Taiwan among those affected

I mean, if you know, like, 5 things about China, one of them is: THEY'RE KIND OF TOUCHY ABOUT TAIWAN

They were made in places like: Mexico China Vietnam Honduras Hong Kong Taiwan South Korea Singapore Bangladesh Oman