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Autumn in the Heavenly Kingdom by tells the story of China's Taiping Rebellion, a civil war that heralded the opening of a century of instability. From Stratfor's 2018 : #giftguide 

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Unfolding in the mid-19th century amid the Malthusian regime, the Taiping Rebellion was the deadliest civil war in human history. Recent estimates suggest that the casualties amounted to 70 million in China

Stationary Bandits, State capacity, and the Malthusian Transition: The Lasting Impact of the Taiping Rebellion

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The Taiping Rebellion was the second bloodiest war in modern history. Killed 20 million people. Started by a guy who was mad about failing his civil service exams.

Forces of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom are defeated by the army of the Qing Dynasty at Nanjing #OTD  1864, ending a rebellion in China that began in 1851. More in #ChronAm :

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Most underappreciated wars (in America) in modern history: 1. The Taiping Rebellion 2. The Imjin War (+ the fall of the Ming Dynasty) 3. The Iran-Iraq War 4. The Russo-Japanese War 5. The Sino-Vietnamese War (1979) 6. The Paraguayan War 7. The Second Congo War

Taiping Rebellion: Fatally weakened the Qing dynasty, and probably paved the way for the rise of communism in China. Also, killed 20 million people.

Finally, finally I learn who General Tso was (you know, the one with the chicken.) He put down the Taiping rebellion

The largest conflict of the 19th century was the Taiping Rebellion, a Chinese civil war between the Qing Dynasty and a Christian cult.