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Aquaculture operators in Taal Lake in Batangas province have been allowed by authorities to tend to their fish cages despite a lockdown imposed within a 7-kilometer radius of the volcano’s crater. | @RonWDomingoINQ 

DA: Taal Lake water quality improved, fish stocks can resume feeding

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Department of Agriculture: Water quality in Taal Lake continues to improve. Based on tests conducted by BFAR from Jan 14-30, 2020, the level of dissolved oxygen in Taal Lake is now below critical level. Dissolved oxygen is essential to fish growth and survival. | via @tinapperez 

Aquaculturists seek window hours to feed fish in Taal Lake

According to the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), authorities had already placed markers on Taal Lake to remind the public of the seven-kilometer danger zone around the volcano.

PHOTO: Taal Lake fishermen return during “window hours” to the recently shrunken shoreline of Brgy. Subic Ilaya in Agoncillo, a result of #TaalVolcano ’s recent eruption, on Thursday.

Coast Guard personnel laid out about 100 floating buoys across Taal Lake on Wednesday to mark the 7-kilometer circumference identified as a danger zone around the restive Taal Volcano.

A popular tourist destination just south of Manila because of its picturesque setting in the middle of a lake, Taal erupted on Jan. 12, causing no known deaths.


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IN THE KNOW: Tawilis, the only freshwater sardine in the world, is a product of Taal Volcano's biggest eruption in 1754. Will the present volcanic activities and increase in sulfur in the lake affect Tawilis, which is already on the endangered species list?

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The Taal volcano continued to spew ash from its crater in the middle of a lake about 45 miles south of the Philippine capital Manila, as seismologists warned an eruption could happen at any time, potentially triggering a tsunami

Agoncillo town, the nearest area in the Taal crater lake turned into a “desert” after the whole site was covered with gray ashes and coconut trees were almost flattened. #TaalVolcano  | via @hanahtabios 

As the Taal volcano in the Philippines continued to spew ash in the middle of a lake 45 miles south of Manila, thousands were evacuated from the volcanic island, while schools and government offices were closed in the Philippine capital

The island of Vulcan Point in the Philippines sits inside Crater Lake, on Vulcano Island in Taal Lake, on the island of Luzon, making it the largest island in a lake on an island in a lake on an island in the world. (Image: Hidariki58)

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