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#Backtoschool is summertime Black Friday — that means there're ton of deals going on that can save you cash on phones, computers, TVs, headphones and other gadgets...

Someone wearing a TV on their head left dozens of old TVs on front lawns in #Virginia  | Details:

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How to Cut the Cord: The Top Smart TVs for Streaming 2019:

Mystery man leaves 50 old TVs on neighbors' porches in the middle of the night.

Analysis: materials in our TVs can pose a risk to the environment and health if not managed correctly via | Dr , Lecturer in @RTEBrainstormhe  Fac @LisaMTODonoghuelty  of Science and Engineering @UL 

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Masked 'TV Head' serial-pranksters left vintage TVs in front of 60 residences and nobody knows why

TVs, old stereo systems and tyres all in a day's work for these #outback  volunteers

For New Mexicans, @netflix  isn’t just on our TVs — it’s in our backyard! Great getting to stop by the Netflix studios in Albuquerque to discuss job investments & bolstering our film industry.

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TVs, old stereo systems and tyres all in a day's work for these outback volunteers


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Someone left old TVs outside 50 homes in Virginia while wearing a TV on his head. No one knows why.

Charmed blessed us with one of TV’s best characters ever: Piper Halliwell

1. A truck of TVs is hijacked. 2. Your son meets with the hijackers. 3. Your campaign manager shares route information with them. 4. You are recorded on video saying, "I love truck hijacking." 5. The TVs are in your house. Happy No Collusion Day.

#CIA hid ability to #hack  smart phones and TVs worldwide from makers, despite #Obama  pledge to reveal #Vault7 

Jointly developed CIA+MI5 malware infests Samsung smart TVs to turn them into covert microphones #Vault7 

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Just call Philly's Easter bunny 🐰 He had an egg hunt for 76ers' employees with golden tickets for money, TVs, Apple watches, wine and other prizes.

The Trump administration on family separations: 1) It’s a deterrent, zero-tolerance. 2) It’s not happening. 3) The Bible says so. 4) We won’t apologize, they have TVs! 5) There’s nothing we can do, blame Democrats. 6) Pay for the wall, then maybe. 7) Fixed, give us credit!

Alright, we can all turn our TVs off now. The only part that matters (at the VMAS and all of life) just happened. @NSYNC , come back anytime.