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The Great Screen Robbery | #Chicago  looters make off with TVs & other expensive goods from MOVING TRAIN in broad daylight DETAILS:

This is as heinous. For TVS: Anyone Take a Knee for David Dorn? A retired police captain protecting a friends business. Shot by 'protesters'. They then looted the store around him as he lay dying. #AntifaTerrorists  #Antifa  #GeorgeFloyd  #MAGA 

From Apple TV+’s #Visible : Out on Television to Netflix’s 'Circus of Books', here are a few documentaries to stream this Pride Month.

Jimmy Kimmel Returns to TV’s (Virtual) Upfront

@davidzurawik : TV’s conversation on race took hold on our screens this week, and it promises to be even richer in coming days and weeks.

Bishop & Taylor discuss the Roadmap to Recovery, the sudden flow of transport projects and the building workers (including TV’s Ricky Tomlinson) jailed nearly 50 years ago, whose convictions the Court of Appeal is now #construction 

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The cops are hitting the elliptical tv’s at the Y with batons here comes Bill

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While the popular conception may be that mobile devices and second screens are replacing TVs, actual data shows they are ADDING to TV viewership. More analysis and insight on NASCAR TV ratings and content consumption here: #LFRsponsorship 


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Someone left old TVs outside 50 homes in Virginia while wearing a TV on his head. No one knows why.

Charmed blessed us with one of TV’s best characters ever: Piper Halliwell

Jointly developed CIA+MI5 malware infests Samsung smart TVs to turn them into covert microphones #Vault7 

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#CIA hid ability to #hack  smart phones and TVs worldwide from makers, despite #Obama  pledge to reveal #Vault7 

TVs showing PC blasting Namo Govt on Yes Bank collapse it means”Chor machaye shor”.I had warned it was coming since 2015, because of the cartel of Pucca Chor, R3 and Shakuni. All chelas of Anil Ambani. Next will be another “A” induced. Now the queue is double digit.

cURL is used on billions of devices. It's included in every modern car. It's integrated into every iPhone. It's integrated in millions of TVs. Also, it's been maintained by one man for *20 years*........for free. Should big tech be coughing up?

Three indications that no one seriously thinks Trump will be removed from office: 1. The market advances undisturbed 2. Business as usual at Davos; impeachment talk is just a curiosity 3. No one at the airport is gathering around the TVs; the normal ho-hum atmosphere prevails

The Trump administration on family separations: 1) It’s a deterrent, zero-tolerance. 2) It’s not happening. 3) The Bible says so. 4) We won’t apologize, they have TVs! 5) There’s nothing we can do, blame Democrats. 6) Pay for the wall, then maybe. 7) Fixed, give us credit!