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Illawarra parents speak out on school measures as TIGS sets COVID-19 plan

#MOATS PREDICTION: Keir Starmer will be #UKLabour  leader. He will bring back the TIGS! Chuka and Luciana will return. #NewNewLabour  #ukpolitics  AGREE OR DISAGREE? | | | @ggmoats  @RTUKnews  @RT_com  @SputnikInt 

I decided to auction signed copies of my books about the 2017 and 2019 flags of the @Richmond_FC  And I would throw in a kebab with me on Swan Street, around the corner from Punt Road. I thought I might raise a couple hundred bucks, and meet a passionate and generous Tigs fan...

Bittersweet farewell as TIGS teacher retires after 35 years

(Cos 5 Tories counts 10 votes, whereas 5 indes or TIGs just count 5. We NEED Tories to support stopping No Deal.)

Traditional classrooms make way for 21st century learning at TIGS


Most relevant

this is cracking analysis by ⁦⁩ that will make alarming reading for the Lib Dems and TIGs

The TIGs, and other smaller parties, SNP, Plaid, Green, and Libs are meeting now separately while Corbyn and May meeting - they will announce their next steps sometime around 4pm

So are an established campaign petition organisation which does hugely important campaigning work. Surely the TIGs using their name will cause a lot of confusion and compromise ’s work?

Interesting exchange between TIG’s Soubry and Starmer on People’s Vote - that ends with her shouting “shame on you” at him for not backing referendum. He quotes Alistair Campbell and the PV campaign saying now is not the time to push for a vote.

Noticeably in the statement on the #Brexit  Legal Advice that the #Speaker  called usual many Lab and Tories, also 2 Lib MPs and 3 TIGs but zero SNP backbench MPs and zero Plaid Cymru MPs .. Seems Scots & Welsh just visiting someone else's Parliament these days.