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To see what has happened in Manchester makes me really sad. My thoughts are with those that are experiencing such tragedy at this time x
Loving the trend again today.. Love how u are responding to history.. It's one our favourite songs we've ever done.. So this makes me happy
Prizeo is up to half way ... This makes me so excited I might just run round naked
Now that Feinstein has forced this into the open, it makes it:

1. Very clear why her Republican colleagues were suppressing it.

2. Very shameful that her Republican colleagues were suppressing it. They knew the dossier story taking over Fox was a lie.
If I’m honest, this is exhausting. Constantly having to explain, even having to justify explaining reality of white privilege, is exhausting. It’s not our burden, as ppl of colour, it’s everyone’s reality. Choosing not to see does not make it go away, it just makes you blind
Are you ready? Ahead of the arrival of @weareoneEXO (to launch their song at the #DubaiFountain on Tuesday), we look at what makes this #Kpop band one of the coolest groups out there: #TabloidCover
this makes me wanna cry :,) thank you guys for helping me promote my merch in such creative ways. my heart is so full. thanks @AllyOndra! MY MERCH 💚! ❤️
Flicker sessions . I cannot wait for this . Seeing your excitement makes me very happy
This makes me puke.
What the hell is Britain coming to when we treat a terrorist better than a SAS hero?????? 😡😡
watching this news going on in Brussels makes me so sad. could've been anyone you love in that airport/metro. all of my love and prayers
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