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I absolutely hate some of those paps... Nasty nasty people .Whoever the hell you were, don't ever tell one of our fans to get out of the way
Set some goals.
Stay quiet about them.
Smash the hell out of them.
Clap for your damn self.
TRUMP DECLARES HE’LL ‘NEVER BACK DOWN’ IN SHUTDOWN FIGHT..This was the headline in the news while I’m on call w/rural & urban workers from home who are working w/out pay in air traffic control, airport security, prisons & FDA. Their message? President & McConnell #EndTheShutdown
Jurgen Klopp on Brexit: "History has always shown that when we stay together we can sort out problems. When we split then we start fighting. There was not one time in history where division creates success."

Neil Warnock on Brexit: "To hell with the rest of the world.”
Please RT the hell out of this.

Thank you.
It's worse that Senate R's don't care Trump will claim emergency powers than it is he'll try. The courts will stop him. The only remedy for the constitutionally negligent Senate is to vote all the R's out
How was town? Options:

- “Mayhem”
- “Chaos”
- “Absolute nightmare”
- “Heaving”
- “I got the last space”
- “Chock-a-block”
- “Rammed”
- “Queues out the door”
- “Hell”
- “I’m not going back”
- “You can tell it’s Christmas”
- “Carnage”
- “Wasn’t too bad actually”
- “Dead”
Lindsey Graham has to know the truth will come out eventually about why he’s compromised.
It must be a sheer living hell to have that hanging over him every single second of every single day.
Eating with my sister. We hear a gasp: “Girl, that is Shonda Rhimes.” Her friend doesn’t look up from her plate:”Fool, that ain’t Shonda Rhimes. What the hell would Shonda Rhimes be doing in Chili’s?” You can take a girl out of the Midwest but don’t come for her baby back ribs.
Sometimes God will put promises in your heart that don’t make sense to your mind. He’ll put bigger things in your spirit than you think you can accomplish on your own. The key is to let it take root in your heart. You don’t have to figure it out; all you have to do is believe.
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