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I absolutely hate some of those paps... Nasty nasty people .Whoever the hell you were, don't ever tell one of our fans to get out of the way
Please RT the hell out of this.

Thank you.
Eating with my sister. We hear a gasp: “Girl, that is Shonda Rhimes.” Her friend doesn’t look up from her plate:”Fool, that ain’t Shonda Rhimes. What the hell would Shonda Rhimes be doing in Chili’s?” You can take a girl out of the Midwest but don’t come for her baby back ribs.
Somebody may have done you wrong but stay in peace. God’s going to pay you back. He knows what you’re owed. God never brings you out the same. He always makes the enemy pay. He’ll bring you out better.
@DjokerNole congratulations bro! That was one hell of a game to come out on the winning side of ... Good luck in the next one
There’s only one way out of Trump hell. And it’s not through violence or hate. We get out by loving each other and moving our feet from the town halls, town squares, and onward to the ballot boxes. #VoteForOurLives
If you cannot win an election based on your ideas, then get the hell out of politics.
Can’t wait to start moaning that it’s too cold. Remember coats? Remember being unable to leave the shower? Remember mulling stuff? And being able to sleep? Can’t wait to moan the hell out of it
Let’s just nominate women to things until we find out what the hell’s going on.
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