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President Trump announced his Administration’s intention to level economic sanctions, hike tariffs and halt trade negotiations as a result of Turkey’s military incursion in Syria against the Syrian Kurds

Syrian Kurds have shifted their alliance to Bashar Assad's government as they fight off a Turkish offensive.

Republican Rep says Kurds allying with Syrian government "not an ideal outcome," but blames Congress over Trump

Syrian government troops were headed north toward the Turkish border Monday after the Kurds called on Damascus and Moscow for military assistance to repel advancing Turkish forces, according to Syrian state media and a human-rights monitoring group.

TONIGHT: As Turkey's offensive continues into Syria, the Kurds find support from the Syrian government... Can this alliance hold? We'll ask from the Internationa @KoriSchake  Institute for Strategic Studies 22:30 | | @BBCTwo  #Newsnight  @maitlis 

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The borders of the Middle East are being redrawn. Turkey is grabbing a piece of Syria. The Kurds and Syrian army, now aligned, are fighting to hold on to what they can. As President Trump says whatever happens, happens, not America’s problem. What will happen is many will die.

Kurdish forces just called for Syrian army to take control of Turkish border. Looks like the end of the Kurds mini-state protected by the United States.

Leader of Syrian Kurds tells US "you are leaving us to be slaughtered" - CNNPolitics

You want to know what many Kurds in Northern Syria think of U.S. President Trump right now? Well, listen to Mr Suleiman who I met today in Syrian city of Qamishli, meters away from the spot where earlier a shell killed two people.

The Syrian Kurds stood with the United States in the fight against ISIS, and this President just betrayed them in a tweet. This will further destabilize the region and haunt the United States for years to come. How can anyone trust the United States under this President?

Since the start, many of us have warned of Trump’s dangerous affection for strong men. Now we see the life and death consequences. Tens of thousands of Yemeni children starving to death. A million Chinese Muslims in prison camps. Syrian Kurds about to be slaughtered.

A moment of American betrayal - and these moments matter. The US partnered with Syrian Kurds. Together they fought and defeated the isis state. Now Trump is abandoning the Kurds to allow a Turkish invasion. (And don’t forget the Kurds are guarding thousands of isis members...)

The Syrian Kurds are being abandoned after they fought, and lost 10k men and women, to battle ISIS for the world. Now, they could be- and many expect will be- wiped out in a campaign of ethnic violence/displacement.

While Trump visits US troops in Iraq, Syrian Kurds worry they’ll be wiped out next door after withdrawal of US forces. There’s talk among Kurdish leaders I heard today of an impending Genocide.

I want troops home too, but leaving Syria abruptly is betrayal to Kurds who have sacrificed and shed blood for Americans and it leaves Syrian Christians as sitting ducks. Please re-think this! Your friends and supporters hope you reconsider.