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Happiest countries in the world: 1. Finland 2. Denmark 3. Norway 4. Iceland 5. Netherlands 6. Switzerland 7. Sweden 8. New Zealand 9. Canada 10. Austria 11. Australia 12. Costa Rica 13. Israel

The most educated countries in the world: 1. South Korea 2. Canada 3. Japan 4. Lithuania 5. UK 6. Luxembourg 7. Australia 8. Switzerland 9. Norway 10. United States #ElevateTechFest 

Switzerland to be first country to allow all public transport users to pay AFTER trip - The Local Switzerland

I'd like to take the train more instead of flying (mostly because I really love trains if I'm completely honest) – has anyone done London to St Moritz by rail? Just wondering if, being Switzerland, it's likely to be extortionate - tickets for next spring not yet available

Watch Snob looks into why Switzerland is the least sexy country in Europe

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Because of the Democrats intransigence on Border Security and the great importance of Safety for our Nation, I am respectfully cancelling my very important trip to Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum. My warmest regards and apologies to the !

Wow! That was nuts Zurich! U guys are crazy!! Loved it! Thank you Switzerland xx

Today there were terror attacks in Turkey, Switzerland and Germany - and it is only getting worse. The civilized world must change thinking!

Will soon be heading to Davos, Switzerland, to tell the world how great America is and is doing. Our economy is now booming and with all I am doing, will only get better...Our country is finally WINNING again!

Heading back from a very exciting two days in Davos, Switzerland. Speech on America’s economic revival was well received. Many of the people I met will be investing in the U.S.A.! #MAGA 

Snowboarding in the morning and show at night. I like #switzerland  #BLESSED