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You switch sides you can’t come back
Can you believe DJ Switch only started DJ-ing about a year ago? Check out this Ghanaian superstar in action.
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I’ve been on since fifteen years old, ain’t no off switch
All my haters be like, “Damn, he ain’t fell off yet!”- @YoungDolph
Warriors weren't ready for the switch up 😂

(via @NBCSWarriors)
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The bait and switch here, which has been going on now for years, is GOP politicians saying they support Dreamer protections *in principle* but rejecting every single actual proposal that would do it. Over and over and over.
Everything happening in Virginia is a stunning vindication of my thesis that the racist strain has remained in the Democratic Party—there was no "big switch."
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Bitch... this #instagramupdate almost ruined my morning!! 🤮 Now switch our feeds to chronological order, thanks.
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