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I'm for the switch to Tannehill if only because maybe now there's a prayer that at least one of Davis, Humphries, AJ Brown or Walker will be consistently productive

Democrats switch out “warmongers” for “isolationists” when we don’t engage in the conflict they demand.

Now’s the time to check your home loan rate and switch providers if you’re paying too much. #9Today 

Done deal: Brad Hill is a Saint and Blake Acres a Docker in a complicated switch. Stay up to date with all the #AFLTrades  news here

having had a Switch for two weeks, I am emphatic when I say that ALL games need to be ported to it IMMEDIATELY especially Outer Wilds and Sea of Solitude pls and ty

My debate rules just aren’t hitting tonight. I think we should switch to the BiNgo rules tweeted out by @spacecoastlaw 

If you've been eyeing a #Nintendo Switch as of late, know there's a $25 gift card available on Switch purchases (the latest edition of the full-fledged one) this week

I just had to drop a prescription and switch to something less effective because even with my private health insurance, I was paying $300 a month. Which is tough to do AFTER a $1000 deductible and $1000 cardiologist bill. #MedicareForAll 


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When you switch sides,you better stay there.

You switch sides you can’t come back

Can you believe DJ Switch only started DJ-ing about a year ago? Check out this Ghanaian superstar in action.

arya with the mj switch in mid air!!!!

NINTENDO SWITCH LITE: - Out Sept 20th - $200 - Better battery life - Better d-pad - No TV output - Smaller screen - I don’t need this - But I still want this - Why do I still want this - I already have a Switch - I don’t need this - But I still want this - What’s wrong with me

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Talk about an instant impact! #ZlatanTime  Switch over now to watch live on #MUTVHD .

The U.S. Senate should switch to 51 votes, immediately, and get Healthcare and TAX CUTS approved, fast and easy. Dems would do it, no doubt!

“Now that the Dems are going to try & switch from Collusion to some other reason, it makes them continue to look like sore losers who didn’t accept the WILL OF THE PEOPLE in the last election - they will do anything to get rid of the President.” It will never work!

I’ve been on since fifteen years old, ain’t no off switch All my haters be like, “Damn, he ain’t fell off yet!”- @YoungDolph 

The bait and switch here, which has been going on now for years, is GOP politicians saying they support Dreamer protections *in principle* but rejecting every single actual proposal that would do it. Over and over and over.