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TEAM ANNOUNCEMENT | The starting line-up from Scotland’s win over France returns for this Saturday’s Calcutta Cup clash with England at BT Murrayfield. WP Nel, Tim Swinson & Nick Grigg join the bench. #AsOne
LATEST: Jo Swinson is new Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader @joswinson
Jo Swinson confirms she won’t contest Lib Dem leadership, as she feels her political career isn’t over just yet.
John Humphrys put on spot over Carrie Gracie remarks by Jo Swinson
After the Tory attacks, the very persistent dynamos @jon_swinson + @CharlieWoof81 want me to share this Twitter storm
Woah. Jo Swinson will NOT stand to be Lib Dem leader. Big news if you like that sort of thing
Jo Swinson is the wrong leader for the Liberal Democrats – just look at her voting record
NEW: Jo Swinson, Vince Cable and Ed Davey all returning to the Lib Dem frontbench. The @LibDems confident they will win back their seats?
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