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LATEST: Jo Swinson is new Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader @joswinson
Jo Swinson confirms she won’t contest Lib Dem leadership, as she feels her political career isn’t over just yet.
Woah. Jo Swinson will NOT stand to be Lib Dem leader. Big news if you like that sort of thing
Jo Swinson is the wrong leader for the Liberal Democrats – just look at her voting record
After the Tory attacks, the very persistent dynamos @jon_swinson + @CharlieWoof81 want me to share this Twitter storm
Jo Swinson has been elected as deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats
Farron Coup Underway | Paddick Resigns Citing "Concerns" Over Views | Swinson Tipped as Challenger
NEW: Jo Swinson not running for Lib Dem leader - meaning it will very likely be all male shortlist, Cable, Lamb, poss Davey as well.
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