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Like the Conservatives and Labour, the Lib Dems have become more extreme since the last election. But there is a reason why Jo Swinson's party is the best choice

Jo Swinson says she is 'sorry' for voting for the Bedroom Tax nine times during Coalition years

Jo Swinson branded 'patronising' by two bees

Jo Swinson's Andrew Neil interview: did the Lib Dem leader survive? - from The Week

“I think the implementation of it was quite crude” Lib Dem and former Conservative Sam Gyimah on coalition austerity programme, after his new party leader Jo Swinson apologised for some of the cuts #politicslive 

Jo Swinson says she is 'sorry' for voting for the Bedroom Tax nine times during Coalition years


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In 2015, I voted to ban fracking. Jo Swinson voted to keep fracking. You can't trust the Lib Dems to tackle the climate emergency.

How to turn on a dime: Swinson two weeks ago: I could be next PM. Ed Davey to me Wednesday: Tories will be largest party. Swinson today: Tories will have a majority. At this rate LD’s will be forecasting a Tory landslide by Dec 1.

Jo Swinson hasn't tweeted a single time this election asking people to register to vote. Is she worried people saddled in debt from university will remember? Register to vote today: #RegisterToVote 

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Sturgeon, Corbyn, Swinson, Farage all step up for @afneil  interviews. Johnson’s team “in ongoing discussions”. I’m surprised as I thought the BBC had nailed down all the leaders as part of the week-long programming #GE2019 

This was Jeremy Corbyn's best performance of the campaign - while Jo Swinson was sunk, and Boris Johnson was finally exposed on television as a gay-baiting racist.

In the last 3 days, Jo Swinson has posted 4 tweets attacking Labour and 0 tweets attacking the Tories.

This week Jo Swinson was announced leader of the Lib Dems. Take a look at the record she doesn't want you to know about 👇

Here’s what new Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson doesn’t want you to know…

This is a direct lie. It's a matter of public record that Jeremy Corbyn campaigned for Remain. But what really matters here is Jo Swinson's dishonest party politicking is going to fling this country into the abyss of No Deal.