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Swalwell calls on Director of National Intelligence to release whistleblower complaint: "You do not have to be a part of a lawless administration"

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Could Eric Swalwell and the Left please read Mitt Romney’s ENTIRE tweet before throwing a ‘troubling in the extreme’ pouncing party?

Could someone please read Mitt Romney's ENTIRE tweet to Eric Swalwell and the Left so they can stop their 'troubling in the extreme' pouncing party?

Rep. Eric Swalwell's message for the acting Director of National Intelligence: "You do not have to be a part of a lawless administration. You can send this information right to Congress. You would be a patriot and you would save us from a potential national security risk"

Swalwell: As for the acting DNI, I would just say this: you don't have to be a part of a lawless administration. You don't have to involve the White House. You don't have to involve the DoJ. You can just send this right to Congress. There's nothing stopping you from doing

Swalwell on whistleblower allegation: So many people just go along with this lawlessness whether it's on immigration, whether it's on the Mueller report. We need people to start being patriots and doing the right thing.

Swalwell: The whistleblower has a channel to tell the Congress this person did the right thing and it's the DoJ blocking this person from coming to Congress..I don't think you meet lawlessness with lawlessness. Two wrongs don't make a right.

Will Swalwell'>Eric Swalwell correct Kamala Harris for 'spreading misinformation' on the whistleblower?

Swalwell calls on DNI to release whistleblower complaint: "You do not have to be a part of a lawless administration"

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Rep. Swalwell'>Eric Swalwell said he often adds to the Rent the Runway bags piled up in the Capitol by returning his wife’s latest rental


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Just watched Rep. Eric Swalwell be asked endless softball questions by @marthamaccallum  on @FoxNews  about the phony Witch Hunt. He was just forced out of the Democrat Presidential Primary because he polled at ZERO. Fox sure ain’t what it used to be. Too bad!

High ranking Swalwell'>Democrat Eric Swalwell calls for confiscation of semi-automatic rifles using $15billion of taxpayer dollars to do it and proposes criminally prosecuting those who don’t participate: #2A 

This is SHOCKING!!! I mean with his total lack of charisma & personality it’s a wonder even he thought he could be a contender. Every soundbite basically needed to end with “PLEASE CLAP” Swalwell Becomes First Democrat to Drop Out of Presidential Race

The last two minutes in summary: Swalwell: Biden, you are old. Gimmie the torch. Biden: You try to take this torch from my cold dead hands. Bernie: YELLING [Everyone starts yelling] Kamala Harris: I will take the torch, now. Thanks. [silence]

Bernie wants socialism, Maxine wants impeachment, Schiff wants more TV time, Nadler wants to get his eyebrow straightened out, Swalwell wants to find at least one person who will believe him, Omar wants chaos and Cookie wants to break the bank. Current state of democrats.

You know the “I’d love to have a beer with that guy” scale so many politicians get measured by? I think it’s safe to say that exactly ZERO people would want to have one with Swalwell'>Eric Swalwell. Swalwell Says He And Fellow Democrats Are Heroes Like The Avengers

What makes you sure that there is collusion (between Trump campaign and Russians)? Swalwell: Evidence I’ve reviewed on the classified side

Man With Switchblade Ranting About Trump Attempts to Stab GOP Candidate Running Against Rep. Swalwell

Rep. Swalwell'>Eric Swalwell: "If he's willing to lie to the American people about what he did with this payoff, I think we can assume that he may be lying to us about what happened with the Russians prior and after the election."