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Bill Turnbull 'buzzing' to be on TV with Susanna Reid as he 'lives with cancer'

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GMB viewers delight at seeing Bill Turnbull and Susanna Reid reunited as he stands in for Piers Morgan

GMB viewers rejoice as ‘dream team’ Bill Turnbull and Susanna Reid reunite

#GoodMorningBritain reunites BBC Breakfast's Susanna Reid with Bill Turnbull #GMB 

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Susanna Reid speaks out on GMB co-host Bill Turnbull’s help with a ‘sticky situation’ #goodmorningbritain 

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Good Morning Britain viewers are delighted as Bill Turnbull reunites with Susanna Reid to host show after 6 years apart #GMB 


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When police & youth services were slashed - what did the government expect? SUSANNA REID: I was mugged at knifepoint - but it’s our teenagers I fear for. via @Femail 

Susanna Reid skewered Matt Hancock’s policy claims and it’s crucial viewing – our 7 favourite reactions.

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The knife crime epidemic is breaking my heart. We urgently need more Police and money to fix it. My piece for @DailyMailUK  SUSANNA REID: I was mugged at knifepoint via @Femail 

@piersmorgan  says he now identifies as a penguin as he rants about Susanna Reid's high salary in a gender row on #GMB 

For the first time, Susanna Reid opens up about the time she got mugged.

After Susanna Reid says she's stuck in a 'constant battle' with Piers Morgan, numerous countries offer her military support.

The murder of Rhys Jones shook the country to its core. Now, for the first time, Susanna Reid has gained access to the covert recordings that led to the arrest of his killers. The Murder of Rhys Jones: Police Tapes. Tonight 9pm #CrimeAndPunishment 

How are we letting trained jihadis back into the UK without knowing where they are? Sadiq Khan grilled by Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan

I’m guessing @piersmorgan  earns exactly the same as Susanna Reid after all of his “Men v Women” bbc salary comparisons ?

Bite me! Susanna Reid gets flirty with actor Luke Evans on Good Morning Britain (via @daily_express )