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Claire Danes's wig caught fire and Winona Ryder put it out. Kirsten Dunst got perfume tips from Susan Sarandon. And studio executives were utterly shocked that a girls' tale worked. Read an oral history of the 1994 adaptation of "Little Women."

#Blackbird : I went into this movie—a terminally ill woman (Susan Sarandon) summons her family to her beach house for one last weekend—expecting the worst. It's actually chjarming, though small, predictable, and feels like a play. Very good Rainn Wilson, surprisingly #TIFF19 

Susan Sarandon, Dakota Johnson and the Scott Brothers all showed up in support of a good cause.

Susan Sarandon in burgundy velvet and Kate Winslet in one of Melissa McCarthy’s old wigs from “Spy” are exactly my sweet spot as mom and daughter, but Lindsay Duncan is an unsurprising secret weapon.

Kerry Washington and Susan Sarandon just bumped into each other outside an interview studio in #Toronto  - 📹 Rakan D #KerryWashington  #SusanSarandon  #TIFF19  #TIFF 

Susan Sarandon looks back at her time on "Friends" as the 25th anniversary approaches while speaking to @GraemeONeil  at #TIFF19 


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Instead of attacking Susan Sarandon & progressives, here’s a radical new approach: 1. Try to earn voters' support by offering policies that improve their lives. 2. Support #RankedChoiceVoting  to free us all to vote FOR what we want - not AGAINST what we fear.

@ninaturner  @SusanSarandonI  @BernieSanderst 's honestly time to officially declare this sick fixation with Susan Sarandon that they have as a collective pathology. I know most humans have trouble accepting blame for their failures & thus need scapegoats, but this is so far beyond that that it's almost hard to believe.

Two things can be true at once: Susan Sarandon is not the reason Hillary Clinton lost in 2016 (lol!) but also: Susan Sarandon and other 3rd party refuseniks were wrong about Trump v Clinton and should own it.

Every time we have a bad day like this one I’m reminded of how much I’m STILL upset with people like Susan Sarandon. We didn’t have to be here. Is this true revolution you were pining for?… #KavanaughConfirmation 


Just like to thank Jill Stein, Susan Sarandon, and any other "there's no difference" lefties.

Michelle Williams, Emma Watson, Susan Sarandon, Meryl Streep, Laura Dern, Shailene Woodley, Amy Poehler and Emma Stone are bringing gender and racial justice activists as their guests to the #GoldenGlobes .

Susan Sarandon says Hillary Clinton ‘more dangerous’ than Trump: ‘She has done horrible things’ -