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Susan Delacourt: Our polarized politics are doing little to heal a fractured nation

Susan Delacourt: Our polarized politics are doing little to heal a fractured nation


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Trudeau’s outrage at the Iran plane crash has been delivered in precisely, diplomatically parsed sentences — fury that the event happened, but not at why it happened or who caused it. Not yet, anyway, writes Susan Delacourt.

Elizabeth May keeps saying she isn’t finished yet. She will be missed as leader, but she’s far from winding things down enough for us to miss her in politics. Susan Delacourt:

This isn’t good. As an Uber driver said to me the other day after watching the leaders’ debates — this isn’t Canada, writes Susan Delacourt:

It would be the height of irony if Maxime Bernier and his People’s Party end up restricting the rights of Canadians to say that climate change is real during the upcoming election campaign, Susan Delacourt writes.

The English debate will be moderated by (from left) Susan Delacourt from the Toronto Star, Dawna Friesen of Global News, Althia Raj from HuffPost Canada, CTV News’ Lisa LaFlamme and Rosemary Barton of CBC News. #cdnpoli  #elxn43  #CanadaDebates2019 

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As election season begins, the prime minister said compromise is the Canadian way and made clear he will also be running as the anti-Conservative — Premier Doug Ford in particular, Susan Delacourt writes.

On Wednesday, one Conservative MP after another addressed their questions to the “Liberal leader” — not the prime minister, giving us some idea of what is to come, Susan Delacourt writes.

Canada’s auditor general Michael Ferguson went out of his way to avoid personal spotlight, but his reports on how well the government delivered services were sharp, critical and to the point, according to the Star’s Ottawa bureau chief, Susan Delacourt.

What are Doug Ford and Andrew Scheer going to do this week? Team up and give tips to their party on how to manage sexual misbehaviour? Susan Delacourt writes.

Happy #CanadaDay ! What should we be thankful for? Trump, and how he's gotten Canadians patriotic again, Susan Delacourt writes.