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I’ve had enough of this shower of nonsense and the architects of it. If you want to help us get rid of Gove in Surrey Heath, then please bung us some quids. All donations will help. (And we’re polling very very well here at the moment. It’s ON)

If you, like me, have had it up to here with this omnishambles, and if you can afford to, please help Surrey Heath get rid of one the architects. It’s doable and it’s ON.

In Surrey Heath, the Tory council get one of the largest amounts of council tax of any constituency. They’ve shut our Sure Start centres, our libraries, reduced our fire stations etc. I’d really like to know what they've been wasting our money on, wouldn’t you?

Today's Photo of the Day is this atmospheric shot of a large cumulonimbus cloud and heavy rainstorm taken over the Leith Hill range in the Surrey Hills by Julian Heath. #BBCCountryfileMagPOTD 

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I put myself forward to be a candidate for PPC in Surrey Heath. I wanted to be the person who took on Michael Gove. And tonight, we had the Hustings. I was up against 3 excellent gentlemen. And...

Only 180 more signatories needed for this petition. Surrey Heath Tory Council leader has miraculously received a 37% pay rise. Let’s find out how.

The National Team Jumping Championship@bsncstoneleigh  was won by the Surrey Heath team with team captain Nicholas Edwards and team manager Abigail Graves. Riding today were Nicholas, Gemma Davies, Lisa Bray and Rachel Dorrell.

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Photo of the Day: Mating silver-studded blues at Brentmoor Heath in Surrey, in the UK, by Mike P. If you would like your photo to be considered for Photo of the Day, use the hashtag: #BBCWildlifePOTD  Find out more on our website:

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Oh my word. Surrey Heath has gone Lib Dem.