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feelin good supportin my local indian food place walk out with a huge bag of chicken tikka literally within 50 feet of the restaurant I drop it and the bag explodes

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Preciate our friends at country radio and all of y’all in #bgnation  for supportin this thing.... We’re just gettin started #fireandbrimstone 

Supportin my girl. ? Thank you Oakland for supporting @sheandhim .’re next. #melekalikimaka  ?

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This man is a badass supportin indie films! Good to finally catch up @elliot_grove  @Raindance  is dope as fuck ???

this nigga not even supportin the baby’s neck

. "has the ability to move the ball for LGBTQ people in a way that no Log Cabin Republican could ever dream of.” Does the queer community benefit from receiving support—in whatever form it takes—from conservatives?

Even as Trump threatens to withdraw from NATO, writes Charles Kupchan, there is virtually no support—in his own administration, among the American public, or in Congress— for taking a wrecking ball to the alliance.

4/5 As of 8:30pm last night 17 deaths have been reported in hospitals due to lack of electricity. The true number is higher. Patients on life support,in neonatal ICU have died & more will die in coming hours. Dialysis patients face certain death if they don’t get services soon.

Chillin with my young fella with the and budweiserusa watching the game. One Court Bahamas Budweiser viewing party supportin the 450.....


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@drakkardnoir never a competition with us....fellow Canadianssupportin eachother. Happy for all of the nominees. We livin the dream Baby!!

Thanks for a great night! Hong Kong u guys are awesome!& also to all the other fans out there always supportin us!!

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Just drove past some of you guys, love when you guys are loud about supportin 5sos, with ya "punk" shirts and stuff, it's wicked

@EmblemThree @FifthHarmony  AWWW MISS YOU BOYS !! Thanks for always supportin us bro's

REAL SHIT, i apprec8 u all 4 always supportin TDE. it wud b a major prob if y'all wasnt on my head about our music. i wud be sad as fuck lol

I remember standing on the block hustlin fantasizin bout dis lifestyle.never takin it for granted,Thanks for supportin a real one #FBG 

To all my fans start tweeting me more. I want to have more intellectual convos with y'all!! Thank u for always being there supportin!

There’s no obstacle too large for the heart of a hero. Lets put an end to breast cancer by supportin

I'm supportin@StJude  this holiday season. Pls RT if u support their mission to help these strong lil ones who r battling! #StJudeGiveThanks