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Big surprise in teeny galaxy: Supermassive black hole with mass 21 million times our sun.
The mass of a super-massive black hole measured in suns..
A supermassive black hole inside a tiny galaxy is challenging our ideas about what happens when two galaxies merge:
This supermassive black hole was kicked from the center of a distant galaxy. By what? Possibly gravitational waves:
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Looking for a size large on #BlackFriday? Here's a supermassive black hole: #BlackHoleFriday
What Earth would look like orbiting a supermassive black hole
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Learn about the smallest known galaxy containing a supermassive black hole: #BlackHoleFriday
It's very hungry! Supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way hasn't had a big meal in 6 million years!
Supermassive black holes generally stay put in their galaxies. But we hunted down one that may be on the move:
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