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#OTD The Beatles appear on The Ed Sullivan Show via a pre-recorded video @EdSullivanShow 

🚀 Ronnie O'Sullivan is among the favourites to win the #ChampionshipLeague . Our #BetBoost  is for him to make a 50+ break in the first frame of all 3️⃣ of his matches today. See the latest price👇 📲

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Ronnie O’Sullivan is in action at the @thearenamk  today 🚀 Before today’s play begins, here’s a recap of Day 4 at the 👉 #ChampionshipLeague 

bari weiss and andrew sullivan should just work for quillette and get it over with already

Local businesswoman and Taft native Patty Gray announced she will run for City Council Ward 6 following Councilwoman JacquieSullivan's announcement not to seek re-election.

📺 Sport on @BBCiPlayer  📺 Meet Britain's youngest football boss... Back in 2019, West Ham Women and their 19-year-old MD Sullivan'>Jack Sullivan were thrust into the media spotlight as they made their first ever appearance in an #FACup  final at Wembley. #whufc  #bbcfootball  #WSL 

@sullydish  The phrase “anything that they might disagree with” DEFINITELY sounds like “the truth” and not “an obvious attempt to feel better about people rejecting AndrewSullivan’s terrible opinions”

Was Sullivan'>Andrew Sullivan always surprisingly soft on the whole systemic racism thing and did I just miss it?

Frost & Sullivan Analyzes the Evolution of 3rd, 4th and 5th Dimensions of Travel #businessnews 


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Sullivan'>Judge Sullivan just named former Judge John Gleeson to investigate the Michael Flynn case. Gleeson and I were colleagues in the US Atty's office in Brooklyn. He is the single best lawyer I have ever encountered. This is a brilliant appointment. #Flynn 

Sullivan'>Judge Sullivan should be taken off the bench for his attempt to manipulate our constitution. The prosecutors decided to drop charges—but he wants a 3 ring circus to target #Flynn .

Oops. DC US Atty submitted court document to dismiss Flynn charges with the wrong DC Bar number. The filing by Tim Shea, but with the number belonging to previous US atty, appears to be technically invalid. Sullivan'>Judge Sullivan, your move.. @kpolantz 

Judge Sullivan went along with the Flynn hit for the same reason my judge rejected my claim of selective prosecution—even though the proof was right there in my FBI file. But these Democratic judges are in on it with the prosecutors and the Deep State. The corruption runs deep!

Read this thread, all the way through and its continuation. Sullivan'>Judge Sullivan should be furious at the special counsel’s lawyers. Instead he’s trying to resurrect their case.

New: Sullivan'>Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan is asking why Michael Flynn should not be held in contempt of court for perjury, and has appointed a retired judge to look into it and argue against the DOJ's request to dismiss the Flynn case. @kpolantz  reporting

Regardless of what Sullivan'>Judge Sullivan does in regard to Flynn, honest observers have to reckon with what we now know about the investigation & prosecution. Exculpatory evidence was kept from Flynn, his lawyers & the public. The FBI, and later Mueller, stoked a false narrative.

The best way to view Sullivan’s unprecedented actions today in the Flynn case is as a last gasp of the “resistance.” In the last year the collusion conspiracy theory has collapsed. It’s discredited. Sullivan’s actions are deeply unfair to Flynn, but the truth is coming out.

Sullivan'>Senator Dan Sullivan is doing a great job for the people of Alaska while supporting our #MAGA  Agenda. He fights hard everyday to support our Veterans and the Military. Dan is Strong on the #2A  and is 100% pro-jobs. I give Dan Sullivan my Complete and Total Endorsement!