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At event "honouring" Native war heroes, the president:
- Used term Natives see as a racist slur
- Stood in front of portrait of president who forced Natives off their land
- Made a "chief" joke
- Suggested he didn't know much about the war heroes
.@jaketapper: White House press secretary suggested journalists cannot question generals – that’s not how we do it here in the United States
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There was a meeting where someone suggested that the Government should haggle over its contribution to the Manchester terror attack repair bill.
To save 0.5% of the bung to the DUP.
And somehow, to these people, it sounded like a great idea.
Female aides said Franks suggested intercourse to impregnate them
I wish I loved exercise as much as I love napping 3 times a day and eating 5 times the suggested serving size.
Giancarlo met with jeter, Stanton suggested to him he’d like the marlins to “move forward,” and add pitching. When jeter suggested they would “subtract,” they both understood it was time to part. #yankees
To review:

Trump suggested there were tapes but never had them;

Comey said there were notes & had them; then testified under oath about it
JUST IN: Attorney General Jeff Sessions suggested he could resign amid rising tension with President Trump
Just in case Ranbir Kapoor ever claims it…the title Jab Harry met Sejal was never ever suggested by him!So he doesn’t win the Rs.5000 reward
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