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Yesterday Trump suggested that members of Congress who don't mindlessly stand and applaud his every word are guilty of “treason.” The great political issue now facing our country is not Democrat vs. Republican. It's about democracy vs. authoritarianism.
Nigel Farage: An Apology. I suggested he would receive a £73,000-a year pension when Britain leaves the EU. I now understand this is not the case. He will receive 2 EU pensions totalling £132,000 a year.

I apologise for any suggestion that he is anything other than a hypocrite.
Wow, this story: the Trump Organization's lawyers in Panama wrote to the president of Panama to "URGENTLY request" his "influence" in a business dispute, suggested that they'd blame the government of Panama if he didn't help, CCed his Cabinet:
In the past 48 hrs. Trump has suggested:
(1) removing Second Amendment rights without due process;
(2) a massive tariff that would likely launch a trade war;
(3) the death penalty for drug dealers.
That ain’t good.
They’ve had Hogg on the network approximately 1.3 million times to slander those with whom he disagrees, praised him endlessly for doing so, suggested that all criticism of his views is off-limits. But they’re definitely just objective journalists.
A friend called and asked me to do brunch. Come on.. I don't do brunch, it's daytime!! I suggested linner instead 😂☕ (definition: a late dinner!) #linneristhenewbrunch
This is epic. On 4th and goal at 1, Nick Foles wanted to run Philly Special (Philly Philly?) He suggested to Doug. Doug stares at him and says Lets Do It 🔥🔥🔥 Greatest play in Philly sports history now? #flyeaglesfly #eagles #superbowlchamps #saintnick
👀 @insidetheNFL tonight
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Today in 1994, The Division Bell was released. Author Douglas Adams suggested the title after reading the lyrics, in exchange for a donation to a charity of his choice. Later that year he got the opportunity to play guitar with the band during one of their Earls Court concerts.
The Union Government has suggested to the Finance Commission to consider incentivizing States who have worked on population control. Thus, a state like Tamil Nadu, which has devoted a lot of effort, energy and resources towards population control would certainly benefit: PM
Alex Jones, the right-wing conspiracy theorist who has repeatedly suggested the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a hoax, is being sued by three parents whose children were killed in the 2012 massacre
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