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The Fiji's Farmers Union is concerned about a lack of information on an initiative that recruits workers from Vanuatu to cut sugar cane on Fijian farms, saying workers may be at risk of exploitation. What's your question? | @radioaustralia  #QandA 

The Senate has adopted the resolution urging the Executive Department not to liberalize the sugar industry as this "will tragically affect a lot of farmers and workers all over the country". 22 senators signed the measure. (📷: Juan Miguel Zubiri) | via @MBvanneelaine 

Casilao: Small sugarcane growers, mill workers won't be able to cope with surge in sugar imports | via @BruceTRodriguez 

Various PH sugar stakeholders like farmers, mill workers, gov't officials, and civil society groups gather at the Sugar Regulatory Administration's office for the Sugar Summit to reject planned liberalization of Sugar imports | via @BruceTRodriguez 

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MUMIAS SUGAR RESTRUCTURING: Mumias Sugar sacks all employees. Move has affected all 661 staff, 448 are permanent. Miller to hire employees on temporary basis. Workers Union rejects company's move to fire staff #NewsNight 

For decades, the federal government has operated a Soviet-style program propping up U.S. sugar farmers. This is bad for confectionery workers & American consumers. @SenatorShaheen  & I have a bipartisan bill to fix this. Read more from @PGdanielmoore :

@mikenavallo  Movement Against Tyranny says real target of supposed "anti-terror " crackdown is legal dissent -- mass leaders and legal organizations like Bayan Muna, Bagong Alyansang Makabayan, Karapatan, Kilusang Mayo Uno, Gabriela, National Federation of Sugar Workers, etc. | @mikenavallo 


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June and Angie Provost, who trace their family line to the enslaved workers on Louisiana’s sugar-cane plantations, share the story of their family’s history with land ownership

🔒 Sugar and property giant Tongaat Hulett, crippled by a Steinhoff-style corporate governance scandal, will start retrenching workers and evicting them from its farms from the end of this month.

A new study of the effects of employee wellness programs found no significant differences in outcomes like lower blood pressure or sugar levels and other health measures. And it found no significant reduction in workers’ health care costs.

LIVE from Harwood Sugar Mill talking to workers with Patrick Deegan, Labor’s candidate for Page.

@BRANDONWARDELL u just shamed sex workers, dogs, tech innovators and ur sugar daddy in one tweet. I'm calling ur parents

HUMAN REMAINS FOUND: A mystery is unraveling in Sugar Land after construction workers stumbled upon at least 24 bodies buried on land where a career center is set to open. #ABC13  #HouNews 

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So at Norilsk Nickel’s arctic mine in Talnakh, workers have hot tea on tap - literally. A team of elderly ladies constantly stewa an enormous pot with a secret recipe (featuring vast amounts of sugar)

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Everyone's become nore sugar-conscious! Feeding laddoos to party workers is increasingly a source of awkwardness since no one wants a whole laddoo any more.

Austin billboard for dating site told undocumented workers to find sugar daddies:

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@jonsnowC4  speaks to @jamieoliver  about migrant workers and his crusade against sugar -