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White House talking points? Hannity is tearing into Cuomo and de Blasio tonight, with a graphic of their faces titled "FAILURE TO PREPARE," and he's saying "the state should have had larger stockpiles... They should have been more prepared..." The subtext: Stop criticizing Trump.

Subtext saw its number of subscribers jump from 35,000 to 110,000 in a five day period this month.

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RT "It's not always about your words, sometimes it is about the *subtext." VARIANCE

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The new subtext is: We once were powerful and so we think global rules and the laws of nature don't apply to us and we will believe this until we end up precisely where all the failed powers of the past did.

Subtext, a service that allows readers to receive texts directly from local reporters, has seen its subscriber numbers triple in five days as the public seeks relevant #COVID19  updates

We’re going to play a simulated #Indians-Tigers  Opening Day (video) game Thursday. You can have a say in pregame decisions and critical in-game situations by being a Subtext member. Get a free 14-day account by texting writer @hoynsie  at 216-208-4346.

A hint of aspirational aims in troubled times - the unexpected sub-text from Accenture's Technology Vision 2020 via @diginomica 

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CNBC is pretty much wall to wall fund managers talking about how they are increasingly excited to buy stocks. A subtext is they know the bailout will pass Congress.

Fauci is diplomatic, but subtext in his interview with Dowd is obvious: everyone should be terrified Trump’s in charge during this crisis


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I look at thousands and thousands of young people of every color, ethnicity, sexuality etc., all excited about the possibility of political change and it makes me very happy. Other people look at that same phenomenon and feel threatened. That is the real contest, the subtext here

Half of Americans wouldn’t be able to tell that a Briton is calling them an idiot, finds our new study on Britishsubtext What does "with the greatest respect" mean? "I think you are an idiot": ?? 68% / ?? 40% "I am listening to you": ?? 24% / ?? 49%

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Subtext of our vaping story - public policy debates in WH have become almost entirely about what polls best for POTUS + proxy battles between factions of advisers.

Not-so-subtext of this @AshleyRParker ⁩ story - if Trump is going down, he’s going to take a lot of people with him.

Some of the targets in this video were sent bombs by a Trump superfan last year and the president responded by attacking the press. Saudi Arabia killed a Washington Post columnist and the WH stuck by their side. His backers get the text and subtext perfectly clearly.

The Dems don’t seem to understand how cowardly, weak and spineless they look saying they need Mueller to “bring the report to life.” The subtext is they they not only couldn’t, they refused to even try. I’m so disgusted by how Dems have handled this.

The headline on the story should be “Obama officials exposed secrets, politicized intelligence with Russia probe”. The subtext here is that if Trump does something, it must be wrong. If Obama does something, it must be right.

In which @AatishTaseer  talks on the attack by BJP & being called a "Pakistani"for his Time cover story on Modi. "BJP knows this is a lie" he tells me, & "the subtext is clearly Anti-Muslim." Call its a "Dangerous canard"- preview from my interview coming to @NewsHtn  tomorrow

Yay! It's 'MI5 smear day' and still 2 weeks of the campaign to go. Subtext: 'Elite terrified of Labour poll surge'